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Who we are and what we do...for people like YOU

I got ahead of myself a little bit last week - I skipped an introductory post! I got RIGHT to the exciting stuff (Medicare :D), and forgot to fill you all in on who I am, my business and what I can do for YOU. 

My name is Ciarra Dobbs, I am the owner and insurance agent of Senior Insurance Solutions. My business is based at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri - where I was born and raised. I furthered my education at Westminster College and graduated with a degree in Business and Communication. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Eric and we have two fur babies, River a 2 year old black lab and Sadie a 4 year old Yorkie. We enjoy boating, hunting, and eating (what can we say, we're foodies). 

I have worked in the insurance industry for 6 years and come from a family of self made entrepreneurs. I founded my business on the need of a professional in the lake area to help the people of this community with a very confusing process, the transition to Medicare. 

If you are already a beneficiary of Medicare, I'm sure you can reflect back on when you were starting your transition, on how confusing of a time it was. All the mail, all the calls, and still not really knowing who to turn to.  If you did have an agent that helped you, more than likely you felt more confident and at ease because someone with knowledge in the confusing field of Medicare was helping. But if you didn't have an advisor,  I'm sure there were more than likely a few instances where you had unanswered questions. 

If you are soon becoming eligible for Medicare - most likely you are being absolutely INUNDATED by calls from 800 numbers and a mailbox full of corporate mail. An advisor of mine has told from day one that people are craving someone they can sit across the table from and who they trust to have their best interest in mind. That person is ME. I am here to help you with this process! I have a local office, a local number and I buy my milk and bread at the same grocery store as you, eat our favorite dishes at the same local restaurants as you, and use the same zip code in my address.

Let me be your local agent. Call me. I hear the misconception a lot of times that people think if they use someone like me, a broker, that their premiums will be more (because maybe there are fees associated or the companies have to pay me so the premiums are more) - this IS NOT TRUE. My services are free. The price is the price is the price - it is the same regardless of if you deal direct with a company or with me. So why not have a local advocate who will stay in touch and make Medicare manageable? Year in and year out, I will ensure you are on the plan that fits your needs and budget. 

Have a terrific weekend, friends!


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