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New Medicare cards are coming! When can you expect them?

Earlier this year, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), started mailing new cards to beneficiaries. The cards were automatically mailed to all 58 million beneficiaries, and nothing special is required to receive one.

The reason for the new cards is the Medicare number that, in the past, has been the beneficiaries social security number followed by a letter was associated with social security draw.  The new cards will feature a randomly assigned Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) made up of 11 letters and numbers.

It is important to know that nothing in regards to your benefits will change because of the new card issue.  The change was related to keeping personal information, such as beneficiaries social security numbers, more secure and less accessible to possible scammers.

Scams relating to the new card are already surfacing. There have been reports that some Medicare beneficiaries are getting calls from scammers telling them they must pay for their new card and attempting to collect credit card or checking account information. DO NOT give this information. CMS will never ask for any type of payment information nor will they ask for the MBI number, because they already have it. Be aware of these types of scams.

Ways to avoid getting these calls are to add your number to the Do Not Call registry. Also, apps such as Hiya that screen and block scam and solicitation calls, are becoming more and more popular for people to avoid the potential scams and headaches.

As far as when Missouri beneficiaries can expect their new cards in the mail, according to the website, they will be mailed soon. Expect the arrival of the new card by the end of 2018.  To ensure your new card gets to you, make sure your address is updated on the social security website. Above is an example of what your new card will look like compared to your old card. As previously stated, the MBI will be different, also the new card will be the size of a credit card

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